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The Agility Dog Club of  South Australia Inc.
 established 1992 ; ANKC affiliated 1995,
 celebrating our 24th. year

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     Pedigree Park
     Barratt Reserve
    ( German Shepherd Dog Club Grounds )
         West Beach Road, West Beach

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    Annual General Meeting
    Thurs. November 3rd @ 7.30 p.m.
  Break-up/Awards Nov. 24th
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    Next intake for new members 
Thursday March 2nd, 2017
   see 'Membership' page for details
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                  . . South Australia's only Agility-specific dog club . .    
                    ... dedicated to education in and the promotion of Agility as a safe
                         but exciting sport for people of all ages, and dogs of all breeds ..


                            ... and home club for S.A.'s top-performing dogs in the State Agility Awards,
                                          and National Championships for the past many years

for a Calendar   of events or  schedules  of specific events, see the AgilitySA web-site           

                                                                   General club information:  Secretary :  Ingrid Hanegreefs:  e-mail    Ph: 8323 8507

                                                                                                                 Web-site inquiries/information
:  Julie Brown     e-mail      Ph : 8338 4405   


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